Because I hadn't seen a lot of positive reviews, I was reluctant to take my car to Pugh's but after miserable service elsewhere, I took a chance. Wow! I am so glad that I did. I actually spoke multiple times with the educated and skilled mechanic who worked on my car and who treated me as though I had some intelligence. He explained the problem and the codes that were coming up when he plugged my Honda into the computer, and he also told me that we were looking at a process of elimination; we had to rule things out and try one thing and then another until we found the problem and the codes reset, etc. During my prior experience, I was told daily that I "would hear from someone," they'd give me a call, but they never did. They held onto my car for 13 days and only looked at it on the day when I said, "I'm coming to get it." No mechanic ever spoke to me at ABC Towing. I HIGHLY recommend Pugh's Car Center. They were able to diagnose and fix my car within 48 hours and for a reasonable price. Additionally, an automative shop should include mechanics who are able to talk to customers and explain the problems with the car. Thank you, Ken! And thank you, Raymond, for having such a great car care center at the beach. You'll be seeing us again (but hopefully not too often). :-)

Thanks Michele for the kind words. We try to diagnose the problems rather than throwing parts at it. Our ASE Certified technician's always try to explain the issues so customers are more informed about there vehicles.

- Pugh's Car Care Center

As a woman traveling alone in the outer banks, I panicked when my car broke down on Rt. 12 at night. I thought for sure I'd be sitting by the side of the road for hours and would then be ripped off with a giant towing and repair bill from God-knows which service station. The AAA dispatcher said I was in luck because the towing and repair facility in this area was the same (pughs) therefore I'd have no towing fee. Sure enough, only 45 minutes later, a nice man showed up, quickly got the story and handled the paperwork and had my car on its way. The next day, I received a call before noon (as promised) with a diagnosis (broken serpentine belt and pulley) and repair estimate (lower than I expected and lower than what it would have been back home in Boston). Guess what? the final cost was even LOWER than the estimate!!! My faith is restored in mechanics/car repair shops. At least in this one. You can trust Pughs. Enough said.


While on vacation, my car battery died. I called Onstar and they sent Pugh's out to meet me for a jump. They told me it would be 45 minutes before arrival and it was only 5 - 10 minutes. We opted to have the car towed into the shop since the battery was bad and to test the alternator. We told them there was no rush but they had it all taken care of within a few hours. Great service and really friendly people.


Friendly service. Fair prices. Honest. What more could you ask for in a repair shop.