Vehicle Inspection & Emissions Testing in Nags Head, NC

Ensuring that your vehicle is up to date on its state inspection and it passes an emissions inspection allows you to drive without having to worry about receiving a citation. Pugh's Car Care Center will work with you to determine what is needed to pass inspection and emissions testing for your vehicle.

Vehicle and State Inspections

Vehicle Inspection

If you need to get your vehicle inspected, Pugh's Car Care Center always has an open door for you. Need to inspect a used car before you buy it? Bring it to us and we’ll make sure it’s in tip-top condition before you spend your hard-earned money.

State Inspection

>Getting your vehicle up to date on state inspection ensures that your vehicle meets the minimum safety standards. The inspections are conducted to prove your vehicle is running as intended.


For vehicles 20 years or younger, your vehicle must maintain a certain standard set by the government’s air quality entities. Pugh's Car Care Center is the only auto shop within 70 miles that is equipped to service emissions systems. We will make sure your vehicle is operating correctly and not over polluting the air.

Call Pugh's Car Care Center for all of your safety inspection and emissions testing.